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The Secret to All-Day Comfort

Our goal is to design and build comfortable tool belts that are an asset to your work day. For extra comfort and back support without adding extra weight, we’ve added an AirFlex® foam back pad to each of our Super Polyester Work Belts. Our proprietary AirFlex® technology ensures breathability and airflow to help keep you cool throughout your work day.

AirFlex Air Flow

Airflow Channels

Providing a high level of air circulation, the AirFlex® back pad helps prevent trapped heat while enhancing comfort. A special manufacturing process produces airflow channels that work to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

Cool Flex Foam

Unlike traditional padding options that may absorb heat, AirFlex® technology’s Cool Flex Foam dispels heat while encouraging airflow to maximize your comfort.

Comfortable Cushioning

AirFlex’s molded airflow channels provide cushions of comfort with flexibility that moves with you, ensuring comfort no matter the job.