Leather or Poly

What material is right for you?

Leather or Poly Tool Belts

Your professional tool belt is a trusty companion that accompanies you throughout the workday, and, if it’s the right one, makes your job easier. At Weaver Tool Gear, we make it easy to choose a functional, quality tool belt by offering trade-specific options made with the best materials and craftsmanship. While we think you’ll be satisfied with the construction of both our leather and polyester tool belts, we understand that each tradesman has unique needs that may make one material more practical than the other. Not sure which camp you’re in? Reference our comparison chart below for help selecting the best tool belt material for you.

Leather Belt Poly Belt
Durable and strong, leather offers the perfect combination of supreme weather resistance and longevity Lightweight and durable
Adjustable pouches can be slid to just the right position for jobs that require mobility Flexible material moves with your body
Leather tool systems break in, becoming more comfortable and functional over time Exceptional level of comfort, support and ventilation
Softens with use and conforms to your body for a custom fit No break-in period — you’ll achieve a perfect fit immediately
Reliable 2-prong buckle fastening system Rim support on pouches to retain shape and stand up to rugged use
Leather has the perfect amount of body for stability AirFlex® foam back pad provides comfort and back support without adding extra weight
Quick-drying, perforated pouches made from soft, durable oil-tanned leather that repels moisture and retains shape Secure, four-point suspender attachment
Easy access to tools and accessories with gussets, rim support and a layer of filler foam that reinforces structure Quick-lock buckle for easy adjustability and secure fastening
Heavy-gauge nylon thread will not fray or rot Pouches secure to back pad with hook-and-loop closures for minimal movement
Limited Lifetime Guarantee Limited Lifetime Guarantee