High-Performing, Abrasion-Resistant Material

Durable, flexible and lightweight, SuperFabric® uses a proprietary armor technology that immediately impressed our design team. SuperFabric® lines the pouches of our Super Work Belts, adding the perfect layer of protection from the normal wear and tear caused by tools. Experience the unrivaled performance and durability of this ingenious material.


Innovative Technology

Fabric infused with tiny, hard guard plates provides the perfect combination of durability and flexibility. Small gaps between each plate ensure the fabric remains flexible. The unique armor plating maximizes durability in high-wear areas.

SuperFabric Flex Slash Resistance

Abrasion & Slash Resistance

Tool pouches lined with SuperFabric® have a dependable layer of protection from scrapes, scuffs and damage.

Breathable & Quick Drying

Air can pass around the individual plates and through the material, encouraging airflow and quick-dry performance.

Breathable and Quick Drying

Stain & Water Resistant

SuperFabric® is highly resistant to mud, dirt, grime and water, ensuring this fabric looks as good as it performs.