Feel the Difference Premium Leather Makes

Premium Leather

With over 45 years of leather manufacturing experience under our belts, our team knows a thing or two about what separates a good product from a great product. The quality of the leather is paramount. You’ll immediately feel the difference when you touch one of our leather tools belts and, over time, you’ll experience the difference in the way it conforms to your body and gets better with age.

U.S. Steer Hides

The belt and accessories on our Super Leather Tool Belts are made of harness leather veg tanned from the best U.S. steer hides for the ultimate in rugged performance.

Premium Weather-Resistant Leather

Our harness leather is stuffed with extra tallows and grease that permeate to the leather’s core for exceptional feel and weather resistance.

Veg Tanned Leather Quality

100% Veg Tanned

This leather undergoes a tightly-controlled process that utilizes tree bark and natural tannins. With no harsh chemicals, our leather is a natural material you can feel good about wearing every day.

Sewing pouches

Oil-Tanned Pouches

Soft and durable, oil-tanned leather pouches repel moisture to help protect your tools.


Trusted for generations, harness leather is the perfect material for any product that needs to stand up to demanding use. Durability, weather resistance and comfort are hallmarks of its timeless appeal.